About Us


Africa NGOs Development Network is a network of non- profits, non-governmental established African organizations across the continent to help, strengthen and   build the capacity of local and community based organizations in Africa.

The networks promote partnership in sharing ideas on how to generate funds, seek for grants with an accountable management system while building a mutual African organization relationship to serve humanity. We Provide training assistance and promotes organizational development for better livelihood.

We are committed to improve the goals of organization through participation, corroboration and empowerment of network members.

We are working with all member organizations in all countries from its humble beginnings of service to their communities and its people.

AND-NET has grown into vibrant organization working with a range of people across multiple sectors to help and partner with network members.

The AND-NET Core Values:

  • Transparency and Accountability is our hall mark.
  • Reliable and Sustainable service is our focus.
  • Teamwork and corporation – We respect the wishes and requirements of our members and networks – and the communities they serve – and we endeavor to create a shared voice, working together in a manner that enables them to realize their goals and shared values.



Our mission is to improve the quality services of NGOs to have genuine impact on African.


Our vision is to build a premier organization network   in order for members to realize their established goals.

Motto: Transforming and Renewing the Hope of Africa


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