• Membership Africa Green Revolution Executive card (enable you travel in Africa without worried of hotel or person to assist you in member country)
  • National and international partnership network
  • Fundraising and partnership development program(s)
  • Access to our international and Nationals volunteers’ recommendation service.
  • Eligible to be Nominee for NGO award.
  • Be eligible to Serve on AND-NET committee or Position across African
  • Voting right in AND-NET General Congress
  • Access and fees reduction to our international and national conferences, workshop, seminar and training.
  • Contribute and have access to our newsletters and partnership information sharing to donors or sponsors.
  • Access to our cell network organization team in seeking for loan, grants or partnership in community program(s) or project for sustainable outcome.
  • Benefit from members stand up team( Example;(If someone been raped  in your community and the local  authority doing nothings about that, you can share information  with network national members  and together the team  can take a day to flag  that case to the national  government and international partners)
  • You will benefit from our donations or support base on needs and donor directions.
  • You will benefits from our platform and home page creation.



No. Name Country Contact Person
1 Students Aid Liberia Liberia George A. Washington
2 Innovative Development Foundation Ghana Augustine Yeboah

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