Have you thought of volunteering online or onsite?

Would you like to make a tangible difference at Africa NGOs Development Network and experience a truly rewarding time working with Africa organizations in all sectors of development and humanitarian service to African and its environment? If that had been your dream; AND-NET will help you realize this goal through our vibrant and bang-up network in linking you to the appropriate volunteer service organization you wish to volunteer in Africa.


Online volunteer is volunteering without leaving your country but making great impact to our network or network members’ organizations.

By selecting a network member organization to volunteer with online or AND-NET in developing program(s), project(s) or raising funds that made have a greater impact on the network members’ organizations online, we willing to assist and guide you in this process for better Africa.


Is leaving your country to come and experience the wealthy African cultures and its heritage that includes: forestry, learning activities, advocacy, leadership, customs, education system, animals, ocean, languages, and etc.

AND-NET and members organizations are willing to help in make that change in Africa with your skill or talent.

Whichever way you choose we love to hear from you in making your presence felt within our communities.

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